Craft Night In...

Created by Bex and El the founders behind StuffedNonsense, Craft Night In is a monthly event (last saturday of everymonth) held at the wonderful Cafe 51 in Cheltenham, 7-9pm.Its for all peeps who like to sew, draw, knit, hook, stitch, glue....or anything else! A chance to meet up, drink some tea, eat some cake and have a chin wag, whilst indulging in our crafty habit!

Everyone is welcome so why not grab a project your working on and head on down!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Its hard being a stitchy creative type sometimes...isn't it.
Its hard to have confidence in your products.
Its hard to have confidence in your abilities.
Its hard to have confidence in your style.
Sometimes lovely readers its just a little bit hard. i'm sure you clever people have deduce
d i'm lacking in the confidence department at the moment.
I'm sure i'll get over it...but right now instead of sewing through fabric i feel like i'm sewing through mud.
Any tips on getting out of this 'highly interesting' (i think not) funk would be greatly appreciated.

To combat the horrible melancholy tone of this post here are some pictures of Charley Harpers work....which i like you?
Picture taken from art crazed flickr stream.
Picture taken from maripens flickr stream.