Craft Night In...

Created by Bex and El the founders behind StuffedNonsense, Craft Night In is a monthly event (last saturday of everymonth) held at the wonderful Cafe 51 in Cheltenham, 7-9pm.Its for all peeps who like to sew, draw, knit, hook, stitch, glue....or anything else! A chance to meet up, drink some tea, eat some cake and have a chin wag, whilst indulging in our crafty habit!

Everyone is welcome so why not grab a project your working on and head on down!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The first ever Craft Night In...

Hello Lovelies!!
Well the first Craft Night In was quite a success if i do say so myself...there were some rather lovely and talented people there, displaying a wide range of wonderful skills!!
Check out this rather lovely creation...i like her flower.
This piece of fabric art is made by the fair hands of the lady who made the elephant up top.
i can not believe that i didn't know about this book...if i remember rightly it was called abusive cross stitch or something like that...I've probably gotten it all wrong but i was in a daze you see....for i (under the excellent tutelage of vicki) managed to make a granny square...and it was only slightly wonky!! See....look at it...its beautiful!!
And here are vicki's...which she managed to make it the time it took me to make my small but perfectly formed one! Wow!! does that lady know how to yield a hook!!
All of these lovely photos are taken by vicki, because i was rubbish and forgot my camera (no surprise there!), shes a lovely lady so go and say hi!

Soooo....if you were thinking 'hmmm should i go...i wont know any of these people and they might think I'm strange or not like what I'm making...' (because i thought things a bit like that don't be scared! its great fun and everyone is lovely!
the next one is on the 26th of there or be square??